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All Paper Friends sections now relocated to Zippyshare. Files have a finite lifespan at this host and are deleted after 30 days inactivity. Should anyone encounter files that have been deleted, please contact me by clicking the image in the top left-hand corner of any page and advise which file, on which page, has been deleted. I will re-upload and amend the affected link ASAP.

Latest Character Sheet: D.C. Goons

D.C. Goons Sheet 031

21st April 2014:
D.C. Goons Sheet Added

20th April 2014:
Spies Sheet Added

19th April 2014:
Star Wars Sheet Added

13th April 2014:
Samurai Sheet Added

3rd April 2014:
Pulp Adventure Sheet Added

1st April 2014:
Marvel Heroes Sheet Added

31st March 2014:
Sci-Fi Aliens Added

30th March 2014:
Pirates Sheet Added

Last updated: 21st April 2014.