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Site Update 01.03.15:

Visitors will have noticed the recent trend for the site to exceed its bandwidth allocation towards the end of each calendar
month. With increasing popularity, and an ever greater number of visitors, this is likely to continue to be the case for some
time. I am already funding additional bandwidth above and beyond that allocated by the site host and am reluctent to further
increase the donation target beyond it's current amount. Rest assured that updates will continue and the site will always be
reactivated on the first day of each month. Finally I would draw your attention to the FAQ page where you can find details of
how to request all the character sheets to be mailed to you in disc format.

Latest Character Sheet: Pirates

Pirate Sheet 030

6th March 2015:
Pirates Sheet Added

5th March 2015:
Marvel Villains Sheet Added

4th March 2015:
Pulp Adventure Sheet Added

3rd March 2015:
Mutants & Masterminds Villains Sheet Added

2nd March 2015:
Sci-Fi Aliens Sheet Added

1st March 2015:
Fantasy Characters Sheet Added

28th February 2015:
Fantasy Monsters Sheet Added

27th February 2015:
Pulp Adventure Sheet Added


Last updated: 6th March 2014.