The following pages are dedicated to the transient ephemera of my own childhood and adolescence - a largely unrelated collection of 'stuff' that I nostalgically remember with fondness from the 1970s and beyond. Basically, it's everything that doesn't fit anywhere else on the site. Hopefully you will find something to interest you here...

Airfix HO/00 Toy Soldiers Box Art Box art for the 'TYPE II' or 'BLUE BOX' AIRFIX HO/00 PLASTIC FIGURES from the early 1970s. Any male over the age of 35 will remember owning a vast horde of these things in their childhood. Of course, like everyone else I couldn't wait to get the contents out and instantly discarded the boxes, all of which featured beautiful, evocative art by the amazingly talented Brian Knight.
Matchbox 1:76 Scale Tank Model Kit Box Art Box art for the range of MATCHBOX 1:76 WWII AFV MODEL KITS from the mid 1970s. This gallery spotlights the amazing works of Roy Huxley, Doug Post and Ross Wardle who, in similar fashion to Brian Knight, were responsible for drawing many a young boy's attention to the product and parting with his pocket-money.
Ron Embleton Captain Scarlet End Credits Art A gallery of the superbly talented Ron Embleton's CAPTAIN SCARLET END CREDITS artwork. Anyone who was addicted to Gerry Anderson's superb show can't fail to remember the exciting artwork shown as the end credits rolled for each episode. Here's a chance to see each picture in all it's glory, free of the end-credits text.
Weetabix Doctor Who Promotion 1 A gallery of images from the first WEETABIX DOCTOR WHO PROMOTION circa 1975. As a child I was captivated by these images and remember actually spending my pocket money on packets of Weetabix just to collect more characters from the set. Feast your eyes on the beautiful artwork of Gordon Archer, who perfectly captured the many monsters and characters of the golden era of Doctor Who.
Weetabix Doctor Who Promotion A gallery of images from the second WEETABIX DOCTOR WHO PROMOTION circa 1976. This second series, while also addictively collectable, did not quite have the appeal of the first. This was largely to the central concept being a modular game with playing pieces rather than stand-up characters with which to recreate adventures. Nevertheless, the promotion was hugely successful and a 'must have' for any Doctor Who follower.
Weetabix Doctor Who Promotion - Redux This page is dedicated to a SUPERB, NEW, ENHANCED VERSION of the second Doctor Who Weetabix promotion (see above item), as created by the extremely talented Chris Morse of 'Faraway Pictures'. The page is intended to act as a free download site for thise new version of the game and is fully sanctioned/approved by Chris.
Weetabix Asterix Promotion A gallery of images from the WEETABIX ASTERIX THE GAUL PROMOTION circa 1976. Another set of card characters and backgrounds scenes with which to re-enact the adventures of the popular Goscinny and Uderzo cartoon hero. Many thanks to Nick Symes for the generous donation of scans.
Weetabix Walt Disney Robin Hood Promotion Another card 'stand-ups' gallery - the WEETABIX WALT DISNEY'S ROBIN HOOD PROMOTION circa 1974. This promotion coincided with the film's release in the UK. Again it featured a set of card characters and backgrounds with which to recreate scenes from the film. Another huge thankyou to Nick Symes for his generous contribution of scans for this section.
Weetabix Star Trek: The Next Generation Promotion A gallery of images from the WEETABIX STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION PROMOTION circa 1995. This promotion comprised background scenes printed on the cereal packet box backs and sets of character stickers with which to create various adventures. The artwork is truly beautiful and appears again due to the generous donation of scans from various kind contributors.
Cadburys Monster Bar Chocolate Wrappers True ephemera! A gallery of Cadbury's Chocolate Monster Bar Wrappers and associated adverts. These wrappers appeared on Cadbury's chocolate bars in the early 1970s and featured a comical/freindly monster and flavour text. Series one is shown in its entirety thanks to a recent ebay acquisition. Series two remains, as yet, elusive.
Cadbury Dangerous Animals Cards A superb range of cards from the CADBURY DANGEROUS ANIMALS? promotion, circa 1970. This 48-card set featured beautiful artwork displaying animals with a reputation as being dangerous to man. The flavour text either supported the notion or exploded the myth. Sadly, I do not have the accompanying album to show - just the full set of cards.
Barratt - The Animals Of Secret Island Card Set A gallery of images from the 1975 BARRATT ANIMALS OF SECRET ISLAND card set. This range of cards, aimed at younger children, surrounded the antics of the inhabitants of a secret monster island. Follow the exploits of Dinosaurs Dippydactus & Babydactus and their friends, Hector the Frog, Maxwell the Spider and the Glumph. Seriously influenced by illegal substances.
Trebor Chewies Monsters Wrappers A gallery of early 1970s TREBOR CHEWIES MONSTERS wrappers, focusing on Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Creatures.